Kevin BayComment

02 * 28 * 2018

Kevin BayComment
02 * 28 * 2018

Today, I went looking for your smell--

isn't that funny? to look for

your smell?

'What will smell like you?' I asked myself,

Then went searching with my eyes.

The laundry basket had no crumpled clothes,

our sheets the outline of my body,

just the trace of me,

and you were denied.

Still I danced around the room with my eyes--

isn't that funny? to dance with

my eyes?

Not a whiff off my feet--

and still you stay hidden,

nothing prized.

Isn't that funny? To pry at nothing?

To try and try.

My ears may eat

my fingers may breathe

and my mind may feel emptiness--

isn't that funny?

My heart sighs and sighs.